Best Video Doorbells (Doorbell Camera)

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More and more homes are shifting to smart homes, and the products that come with it continue to grow in popularity due to the convenience it brings. For instance, smart light fixtures allow you to control your lighting remotely

While there are a ton of smart home products, such as security cameras, smart locks, and smart plugs, one of the more interesting and popular items on the market are smart video doorbells.

It might sound strange at this point, but this technology can offer a great deal of security and convenience for your home.

What is a Video Doorbell (doorbell camera)?

A video doorbell (doorbell camera) comprises a new feature for home security systems. This offers protection and security at the front door for homeowners and residents.

It is connected to the internet and sends information to the owner’s smartphone, tablet, or computer that there is someone on the front door. 

A ringer and a camera connected to the internet comprise a video doorbell. This video doorbell operates through a battery or the traditional wiring that a regular doorbell uses.

Anyone who pushes the doorbell activates the camera. This results in a doorbell sound when at home. The owner sees the person behind the camera as this is connected to an app on the phone, tablet, or computer. 

This internet-enabled device permits an owner to know if someone is at the door even if one is halfway around the world. A video doorbell is further enhanced when combined with a smart lock.

A person at the door can be allowed entry without any action from the owner even if he or she is out of town. 

How does a video doorbell work?

A video doorbell is connected to the home’s Wi-Fi, doorbell wiring, and doorbell chimes. The doorbell chimes like a traditional doorbell when someone pushes it.

Some more advanced video doorbells can detect motion when someone is at the front porch and records automatically. The owner is notified through his smartphone through the internet connection that someone is at the door.

A live video stream from the camera is provided when the owner opens the app of the doorbell camera. 

Recording video footage depends on the type of doorbell camera. Some record once the doorbell is pressed.

Others record when there is a detected motion that permits owners to review the footage whenever they want. Video clips are recorded; thus a removable storage or cloud storage is needed. 

Some doorbell cameras have speakers installed that allows a two-way conversation between the owner and the person at the door.

Benefits of video doorbells

Keeps burglars away.

Video doorbells permit owners to check videos of visitors while at the comfort of one’s home or even if out of town.

Burglars feel threatened when they know that there are video cameras that record their unauthorized entry. 

Allows viewing of real-time video streams.

One of the best advantages of a video doorbell is that the owner can watch the visitor’s video stream on his smartphone. This is better than an ordinary camera as it acts as a doorbell and as a camera.

Video doorbells have a full-color night vision that permits clear viewing during darkness, fog, or bad weather conditions. 

Provides evidence.

Cases of theft, burglary, or vandalism will easily be solved as video doorbells offer footage as evidence. These videos serve as proof of a crime and are much needed when filing insurance claims.

Essential arrests are done when police detectives use these recorded video doorbell footage. 

Monitors children.

Parents feel stressed when they leave their children at home. Video footage allows one to check if there are unwanted visitors at home or if the child or babysitter can be trusted. 

Allows real-time conversation.

Owners can converse with the visitor even if he is not home. Guests can be informed about when he or she will get home and to direct the repairman where to go. 

Increases home value.

Buyers are more attracted to smart homes, especially when it comes to home security. Cameras increase the value of the home in case a family decides to sell the house. 

Features to look for when buying a video doorbell

Installation requirements.

It is not that difficult or time-consuming to install video doorbells. It usually takes around 15 minutes to an hour to install the doorbell camera.

This time is influenced by the expertise in handling electrical installations or if the doorbell is wired or wireless. 

It is easier to install a wireless doorbell camera compared to a wired one. It just needs to be set up and download the smartphone app. This allows one to see the person behind the door at all times.

However, there is a need to charge the battery with wireless systems. 

A wired smart video doorbell requires a professional to install it. A professional knows which wires are connected. 


There are different resolutions for video doorbells. Some range from 720p to 1080p. Others even have higher resolutions like 2k. 


Activity notifications are one of the most important features to be checked before purchasing a video doorbell. This notifies the owner if someone is lurking on the property.

The smartphone app either permits live viewing of real-time footage or just review a video clip. 

Storage Choice.

There are varying options when it comes to storing video. It could be through an SD card or cloud storage. Many companies have subscription plans when it comes to cloud storage. 

Two-way communication.

Video doorbells permit the owner to speak with the other side of the door. The person responds through the microphone of the doorbell while the owner can respond through the doorbell app. Some doorbells integrate with Amazon Alexa. 

Night Vision.

It is critical to see clear videos at night. There are doorbell companies that offer color night vision and LED lights to make it easier to see the premises after dark.

Best Video Doorbells

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2

This video doorbell has a 1080p HD video resolution. It can be powered through a battery or it could be hardwired. It has 160-degree Field of View. It can detect motion and has night vision.

It stores through the cloud. It detects motion excellently and includes Alexa and smart home integration. 

Where to buy Ring Video Doorbell:

2. Arlo Video Doorbell

This boasts of excellent cloud storage. It has a 1536 x 1536 video resolution with a diagonal field of view of 180 degrees.

It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It needs to be wired and has a subscription plan for cloud storage.

Where to buy Arlo Video Doorbell:

3. August Doorbell Cam Pro

This easy to install doorbell camera provides clear, two-way audio with an excellent HD video quality.

It can detect motion and has Hindsight recording. 

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